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Elfogadott konferencia absztraktok:

  • G. Fazekas, T. Pilissy, A. Toth, A. Sobjak, R. Rosenthal, T. Luftenegger, P. Panek, P. Mayer (2017): Assessing technical difficulties and their potential assistive solutions in toilet use of elderlies and people with disabilities, 14th Congress of the European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation (EFRR), 2017. május 24-27, Glasgow, Egyesült Királyság.
  • P. Panek, G. Fazekas, T. Lueftenegger, P. Mayer, T. Pilissy, M. Raffaelli, A. Rist, R. Rosenthal, A. Savanovic, A. Sobjak, F. Sonntag, A. Toth, B. Unger (2017): On the Prototyping of an ICT-Enhanced Toilet System for Assisting Older Persons Living Independently and Safely at Home, eHealth2017, 2017. május 23-24, Bécs, Ausztria.
  • T. Pilissy, A. Tóth, G. Fazekas, A. Sobják, R. Rosenthal, T. Lüftenegger, P. Panek, P. Mayer (2017): Towards a Situation-and-user-aware Multi-modal Motorized Toilet System to Assist Older Adults with Disabilities: a User Requirements Study, ICORR2017, 2017. július 17-20, London, Egyesült Királyság.