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Medical Education

The National Institute of Medical Rehabilitation as one of the firsts gave place to medical rehabilitation and physical medicine undergraduate and postgraduate study programs in Hungary. by the experiences gained over the years we became aware that certain most necessary topics which needed to be included in a specialist postgraduate education. The courses are held not only by professionals with relevant experience on the specialized field working in our instute but also by external lecturers. Together with the Postgraduate Center of the Semmelweis University we offer specialist postgraduate education and compulsory educative courses to colleagues who already have attained a postgraduate degree.

Health professional education and specialized courses

The institute has a cooporative relationship with several institutions of higher education related to health care and specialized education. Our duty first of all is the clinical training of professionals in the field of medical rehabilitation (nurses, physiotherapists, special pedagogues, neurocognitive rehabilitation specialists, occupational therapists, psycholgists, kinesiologists, specialty engineer of rehabilitation, social workers, pharmacists). The lecturers of our specialized trainings are also our colleagues.