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Medical Library

The Medical Library is almost as old as the Institute itself.
Its main range of collection consists of publications of physical medicine and rehabilitation. We endeavor to collect all related Hungarian clinical literature, choosing from foreign rehabilitation technical books, handbooks, with attention to the recommendations of the rehabilitation special examination of EU. Almost one fourth of the book stores of the library (5600 books) consists of rehabilitation technical literature, which contains the necessary special literature of health professionals in the rehabilitation team (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sport therapy, logopedics, psychology, social rehabilitation, orthetics-prosthetics).
Additional range of collection is the most frequent rehabilitation technical literature (geriatric rehabilitation, cardio rehabilitation), as well as the literature of special fields necessary to medical rehabilitation work (anatomy, kinesiology, orthopedics, neurology, traumatology).
Most of our stores of reviews in foreign language are rehabilitation technical reviews having Impact factor classification. They are processed by Medline database, and their majority is the only copy found in the country, so called “core” reviews. (You may find the list of reviews here).
During store enlargement we pay special attention to the technical literature of the necessary survey methods of scientific research.
Besides offering book and review stores and non-traditional documents of the library, we help the medical, educational and scientific work in the Institute and by taking current needs into consideration, we provide access to databases free or won by scholarships.
Part of the Medical Library is the Patients Library, which besides offering belletristic, fictional literature helps inquiring patients and their relatives with informative publications.