Parking map of the Institute
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Gábor Kovács Dr.

Chief Financial Officer
Ildikó Csürke

Medical Director
Zoltán Dénes, M.D. PhD

Chief Nursing Officer
Andrea Emberné Heitler

Finance and Controlling
Júlia Sipos

Media Relations
Éva Bálint, media and communications associate

Job Inquiries
Gabriella Simon, Human Resources Manager

Education – Physicians and Medical Students
Gabriella Tápay

Education – Health Professionals
Andrea Emberné Heitler, chief nursing officer

Scientific Events:
Júlia Kenéz, M.D.

Support us / Funds

Foundation for Medical Rehabiliation
To improve the level of professional work in the National Institute of Medical Rehabilitation, to continue the advancement of the professional standard of rehabilitation, to award outstanding professional accomplishments, to offer and award scientific scholarships.
Head Office of the Foundation
1528 Budapest, Szanatórium utca 19.
Tax number of the Foundation
Bank account number of Foundation
Unicredit Rt. 10918001-00000074-44640009
The Foundation for Medical Rehabilitation serves public interest, therefore you may claim tax return after the payment.
To buy a chair
By symbolically buying a chair you can support our work. You may buy a chair of our Auditorium where conferences, scientific symposiums, and social events take place.
Based on the principle “Adopt a chair!” anyone can buy a piece of furniture, thus supporting the work of the Foundation and thus, the rehabilitation taking place in our institute. After the donation, the chosen chair will wear a copper sign with the name of the benefactor on it. The price of a chair is 60.000 HUF
Wall of Sponsors
In the main communal area, in the beautiful aula lies the Wall of Sponsors. We engrave the name of those Benefactors who supported our foundation with a major sum into the marble wall. A name of a company may be carved on a brick after granting at least a sum of 5 million HUF, a privat person’s at a sum of 2 million HUF.